Conclave 2014 – Saving Arrowman Ryan

2014_conclave_logoWelcome to the Conclave 2014 page! Next to a jamboree and a national Order of the Arrow conference a section conclave is probably the largest inter-council event in the Boy Scouts of America. Conclave is the annual gathering of the six lodges in Section NE-2A. It offers you fun, fellowship, training, patch trading, awesome food and much, much more! Here you can find all of the information about the incredible program that is conclave. Scroll down to learn more.

When: August 15-17, 2014

Where: Camp Nooteeming in Salt Point, NY

Cost: $35 if registered on or before 5/31; $45 if registered on or before 7/4; $55 after 7/4

Last years Conclave saw a new training program called Conclave University, and this year its back and even better! The Conclave University training cells are geared to offer a more diverse and expanded opportunity for arrowman off all rank and age. Conclave University will be innovative, hands-on, age relevant, and fun! Training is set up as an “university” with four different “college tracks” that participants can attend. The four college tracks are Kitchknet (OA Program), Allowat Sakima (Leadership), Nutiket (Ceremonies/American Indian Activities), and Meteu (Advisers)

College of Kitchknet (OA Program):
This track is recommended for all first time conclave participants. The sessions within this track are designed to help move new Arrowman
into a leadership position within their chapters and lodges. This track includes lots of fun activities including
jeopardy with candy prizes!

College of Allowat Sakima (Leadership):
This track is recommended for all Arrowman interested in learning more about leadership. The training cells offered are designed to solidify your leadership skills and make you a better leader for the future. The cells offered address all the leadership needs and often will build off past leadership experience. These training cells will also include many fun games and activities.All Three FL Trainers

College of Nutiket (Ceremonies/American Indian Activities):
The training cells offered in this collage are designed for ceremonies and AIA enthusiasts. The cells are aimed to improve and develop the lodges ceremonies team through proper application of regalia and the ceremonies themselves. This college will offer much more hands on and workshop classes with the opportunity to build your own regalia.

College of Meteu (Advisers):
This collage is designed for adults and advisers. The training cells offered within are to help new advisers along with the more experienced ones. It also offers the opportunity to participate in an open forum facilitated by sections advisers.

Conclave University Degrees

If you participate in the trainings at Conclave, and meet the requirements below, then you have the opportunity to earn a Conclave University degree. That includes a patch, official diploma, and special recognition on Sunday morning in the graduation ceremony!

Associates Degree Requirements:

Attend at least 2 training sessions for a specific college (Kitchknet, Allowat Sakima, Nutiket, or Meteu)

Attend 4 training cells total

Bachelors Degree Requirements:
 Earn an Associates Degree from a Conclave University college (Kitchknet, Allowat Sakima, Nutiket, or Meteu)

Attend at least 2 training sessions for the specific college

Attend one of the Conclave Training Initiative: Centuries of Servicesessions

Attend 4 training cells total

2014 Conclave Training SessionsRiffle Shooting Group

TRAINING BLOCK 1 (9:00-9:45)

Conclave Training Initiative: Centuries of Service (Elective)

Weapons of WWII (Elective)

War Tactics of WWII (Elective)

The Art of Follow Through: Inductions (Elective)

WW..What? New Member Orientation (Kitchknet)

Communicating with Dinosaurs (Kitchknet)

Event Marketing/PR (Allowat Sakima)

How to Run Effective Meetings (Allowat Sakima)

Ceremonies Regalia (Nutiket)

Understanding the Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal Ceremonies (Nutiket)

Ceremonies Performance Techniques (Nutiket)

Coffee Chat ADULTS ONLY (Meteu)

How to be an Effective Adviser (Meteu)

TRAINING BLOCK 2 (9:55-10:40)Section Prayer

Conclave Training Initiative: Centuries of Service (Elective)

America during WWII (Elective)

Famous WWII Battles and Cool Historical Stuff (Elective)

Mastering Unit Elections (Elective)

OA High Adventure Opportunities (Kitchknet)

Extended Elangomat Program (Kitchknet)

How to Run Effective Meetings (Allowat Sakima)

Dealing with Conflict and Stress in Teams (Allowat Sakima)

Ceremonies: The Big Picture (Nutiket)

Understanding the Brotherhood Ceremony (Nutiket)

Ceremonies Performance Techniques (Nutiket)

Mastering OA Lodge Master (Meteu)

Prepping your NOAC Contingent (Meteu)

TRAINING BLOCK 3 (10:50-11:35)Mark Running

Conclave Training Initiative: Centuries of Service (Elective)

Weapons of WWII (Elective)

WWII War Tactics (Elective)

Effectively Organizing a Lodge Service Project (Elective)

Making Program Fun (Kitchknet)

WW..What? New Member Orientation (Kitchknet)

Setting Goals and Putting Them Into Action (Allowat Sakima)

Principles of Servant Leadership (Allowat Sakima)

American Indian Craft (Nutiket)

Developing A Dance Team (Nutiket)

Ceremonies Performance Techniques (Nutiket)

How to be an Effective Adviser (Meteu)

Coffee Chat ADULTS ONLY (Meteu)

TRAINING BLOCK 4 (11:45-12:30)Beed Work

Conclave Training Initiative: Centuries of Service (Elective)

America in WWII (Elective)

Famous WWII Battles and Cool Historical Stuff (Elective)

Operation B.T.O.B (Bring Them On Board) (Elective)

OA at Summer Camp (Kitchknet)

Patch Trading 101 (Kitchknet)

Principles of Servant Leadership (Allowat Sakima)

#SocialMedia @YourLodge (Allowat Sakima)

American Indian Craft (Nutiket)

Being an Effective Ceremonialist (Nutiket)

Ceremonies Performance Techniques (Nutiket)

Keys to Driving Membership Growth (Meteu)

The Boys in Blue: Our Future (Meteu)


Come, stay, play, and have a fantastic time!!! Conclave will offer you the best games, activities, and competitions. After dinner on Saturday, there will be the BIG EVENT, where all six lodges go up against each other and compete to prove who is the best. Some of the fun activities and competitions that will be featured at Conclave include:


Rifle Shooting

Pull the thing

Bounce house

Minute to win it games

Open swim/water sports

Human foosballIMG_0110_2





Tug of War

You-Gotta Regatta (build your own boat and race in it)

Conclave 2014 Schedule

*Note: This schedule is subject to change*


5:30pm Check In Opens

9:00pm Opening Campfire Show


8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Training Block #1

9:55am Training Block #2

10:50am Training Block #3

11:45am Training Block #4

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Activities and Program Areas OpenIMG_0107_2

5:30pm Activities and Program Areas Close

6:00pm Dinner

7:15pm THE BIG EVENT: Saving Arrowman Ryan

8:30pm Closing Show

Night Auction


8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Scouts Own Service

9:45am Conclave University Graduation Ceremony

10:00am Annual Section Business Meeting/2014-2015 Officer Elections

11:00am Departure


Conclave Text Updates

Number 84483

Code conclave2014

Text the code to this number and you will get updates before and during Conclave 2014 starting on the day registration opens.